Green Cleaning

Green cleaning services improve your confidence about your impact.

Breakthrough products, equipment, and methods enable us to clean and disinfect without harming the environment.

“Green cleaning” isn’t a service we offer. It’s how we operate.

We demonstrate our commitment to green cleaning services through our adoption of new products and increasingly efficient methods of operation. Here are some of the ways we promote environmental stewardship, both internally and for our customers.

Innovative Equipment

We select state-of-the-art equipment designed to consume less fuel and eliminate the need to use harmful chemicals.

  • 3M SPP pad under-orbital and rotary floor machines strip floors with water, not caustic substances
  • Environmentally preferable battery-operated equipment
  • Long-lasting AGM gel batteries, instead of wet acid batteries
  • Betco high efficiency propane-powered floor equipment

Environmentally Gentle Products

Every product we use is Green Seal certified, a practice we have standardized across all our locations. Proven products we use include:

  • Stride® Non-Alkaline Neutral Cleaners
  • Glance® Non-Ammoniated Glass Cleaner
  • Crew® Bathroom Cleaner & Scale Remover
  • Diversey’s Oxivir Disinfectant

Efficient Vehicle Fleet

We have upgraded our vehicle fleet to include fuel efficient hybrid vehicles.

  • Kia Niro
  • Ford C Max
  • Toyota Prius

Commitment to Recycling

Not only do we implement recycling programs in our own offices, we support our customers’ efforts to recycle.

  • Battery recycling
  • In-office recycling programs
  • On-site cleaners trained in recycling best practices

Water Recapture and Disposal

We recapture and properly dispose of pressure washing water according to local regulations.

  • Protects waterways from oils and chemicals lifted from asphalt and concrete
  • In California, water is disposed at approved water processing facilities

Employee Education Programs

All of our production employees are trained on green cleaning practices. Their training includes:

  • Proper dilution of our green cleaning chemicals
  • Proper disposal of recyclable materials according to each customer’s needs
  • New equipment use and training
  • New green chemicals training

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