Green Cleaning

We are committed to promoting sustainable practices for a cleaner, greener environment and future. We use only the highest quality Green Seal Certified Products that are natural, safe and biodegradable. Our clients benefit by getting a superior cleaning service while enjoying the health and environmental benefits of using eco-friendly products and practices.

We Work to Promote Green Cleaning through:

  • Our Equipment, Methods, Supplies &¬†Training
  • Recycling
  • Recapture and Disposal Methods
  • Water Conservation
  • Employee Education Programs
  • Promoting Environmental¬†Awareness & Responsibility

Our customers benefit from improved worker and occupant safety, ensured sustainability, and ultimately reduced cleaning costs.

Our Environmental Policy continues on to our own internal practices by using 100% recyclable paper for brochures, letterheads and packaging. We also use recycled cleaning bottles, paper products and plastics.

Merchants is also proud to offer other "green" maintenance services through our family of services such as duct cleaning, landscaping and stone and metal restoration.